What is Love (Medieval Style with Vocals - Original by Cornelius Link)

What is Love (Medieval Style with Singer)
Original song by Haddaway
Medieval edit by Cornelius Link
Vocals and lyrics by Hildegard von Blingin'
Listen on Soundcloud:
What is love? Lady thou woundest,
thou woundest, mine heart.
Oh I know not whither thou art,
or wherefore thou tearest us apart
If ever thou beest mine, giv'st me a sign
What is love? Lady thou woundest,
thou woundest, mine heart.
I know not what can granted be,
for doth not my freedom rest with thee?
What shall remain if we are twain?
Alack, I beseech
What is love? Lady thou woundest,
thou woundest, mine heart.


  1. Cornelius Link

    Cornelius Link

    6 oy oldin

    Thank you so much for your efforts and for doing this. It's just brilliant!

    • Christy Lamb

      Christy Lamb

      4 kun oldin

      Nonny no



      2 oy oldin


    • MoondogIndustries


      3 oy oldin

      You both did a beautiful adaptation. I thought it the video could use a little more Python humor:

    • Ana Paula Eugenio

      Ana Paula Eugenio

      4 oy oldin

      Extremely amazing!

    • fouzanium


      5 oy oldin

      Greatness recognises Greatness

  2. Adam Prall

    Adam Prall

    8 soat oldin

    Tis a right sprightly tune, ye oldey however, lacking of mold.

  3. Raggaliamous


    16 soat oldin


  4. Ootie Goonya

    Ootie Goonya

    2 kun oldin

    Awesome. 🥰

  5. Cathy Herron

    Cathy Herron

    2 kun oldin

    I love this music thank you so much

  6. Isaac Grainger

    Isaac Grainger

    3 kun oldin

    The grand misuse of Early Modern English in the especially comments but also in the lyrics upsets me greatly. There is a system, you can't just add -st and -eth to random words to make it sounds "old-timey". Also, this is the English of the 16th Century, which is very very different from that of the Medieval Period. What is love? Lady thou woundest, thou woundest, mine heart. Oh I know not *where* thou art, [whither indicates motion towards or simply means "to where".] or wherefore thou tearest us apart *?* If ever thou *be* mine, *give* me a sign. [beest is not a word, the verb to-be conjugates as "art" in the second person singular (thou) indicative, but since there is an "if" it takes the subjunctive instead, which is simply "be". "Giv'st" or "givest" is in the indicative mood; since this is a command, the imperative mood must be used, which is simply "give". Lastly, though this is not strictly necessary, "give thou me a sign" sounds more natural in the EM English] What is love? Lady thou woundest, thou woundest, mine heart. I know not what can granted be, for doth not my freedom rest with thee? What shall remain if we are twain? Alack, I beseech *thee* [typically, beseech takes a pronoun] What is love? Lady thou woundest, thou woundest, mine heart.

  7. EdMcF1


    3 kun oldin

    Epic! Now for No Limits by 2 Unlimited and Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap,, then Ebeneezer Good.

  8. Mr. Peanutbutter

    Mr. Peanutbutter

    3 kun oldin

    Doug: And this gent who is't wast on the phoneth, turns 'round and tips his coxcomb liketh this Steve: And who is't doth thee bethink yond guy wast? Doug: Emilio Estevez. Steve: The palmy duck sir, i gage to god, i wast th're

  9. Abigail Fiero

    Abigail Fiero

    4 kun oldin

    Is no one gonna talk about how beautiful this lady's voice is?

  10. William Beck

    William Beck

    5 kun oldin

    Everytime the original version come on the radio in Saint's Row IV, I always think about how much better this is. If anyone know how, I would love to see this version modded in instead!

  11. FallenSwan


    5 kun oldin

    Vladislav, don't hurt me...

  12. Josh


    6 kun oldin

    When your crush ignores your messenger pigeon

  13. Sue


    6 kun oldin

    I'm just waiting for a medieval style movie/series/game that features one of these songs.

  14. Wolfhowl3


    7 kun oldin

    I just found this channel and I love it. Any Chance you could do "Mama I'm Coming Home" By Ozzy. :) It would go perfectly with a D&D Game session I have coming up where our Rogue it meeting her Rich mother for the first time in a Formal Nobel's Ball. :) Yes, I play the bard in our party. :)

  15. Brad Miller

    Brad Miller

    7 kun oldin

    Nonny nonny nooooooooooooo! *whips head side to side Roxbury style*

  16. Gertie M

    Gertie M

    7 kun oldin

    YES!! Thank you! This is amazing, and if we ever get back to LARP this inspires me to try and make a bard! or buy a Magic Music Box

  17. Jade Kaiba

    Jade Kaiba

    7 kun oldin

    Why is this so nice and so catchy?

  18. John Bower

    John Bower

    7 kun oldin

    Must admit to having had my doubts to whether this could work but blow me if it's not brilliant.

  19. MCDexX


    7 kun oldin

    I can just imagine someone dropping this at a medieval feast and the whole place just going off. "Gadzooks, 'tis the tarantella madness! Fetch thee an apothecary anon!"

  20. Ethan H.

    Ethan H.

    8 kun oldin

    i am reminded of when the bards did playest this while i danced with mine betrothed at ye academye. far simpler days back in 1598.

  21. Loose Joints

    Loose Joints

    8 kun oldin

    miss these days, proper pills,, proper girls

  22. Scott Moore

    Scott Moore

    8 kun oldin

    Please do a WAP cover

  23. Pam Heath

    Pam Heath

    8 kun oldin

    This is just crying out for a dance video!

  24. Lindsay Truscott

    Lindsay Truscott

    8 kun oldin

    I miss living in the 1600's

  25. Kevin John Duerme

    Kevin John Duerme

    8 kun oldin

    Romeo and Juliet's theme song

  26. CrimsonTide001


    9 kun oldin

    This is why the internet is great!!

  27. Claudio Chiarella

    Claudio Chiarella

    9 kun oldin

    Lol amazing

  28. Krista Healey

    Krista Healey

    9 kun oldin

    Pure magic.

  29. Rob C

    Rob C

    9 kun oldin

    Perfect D&D setting: Your party notices a tavern called the "Roxbury". As you approach closer, you all hear a sweet song emanating from the tavern.. "What is Love.." The guard by the door stops you from entering and asks for 10 gold pieces from each of you."

  30. well hey there it's me Gary

    well hey there it's me Gary

    9 kun oldin


  31. PigIA


    10 kun oldin

    Yo Haddaway stole your song

  32. kevin crocker

    kevin crocker

    10 kun oldin

    👍 👍 👍 👍

  33. DuneDemon8


    10 kun oldin

    I love that both me and my noble steed do the head tilts.

  34. Faust Rindon

    Faust Rindon

    10 kun oldin

    your voice... is... wonderful

  35. MrShayg


    11 kun oldin

    This is crazy. I love it

  36. Mikko Launis

    Mikko Launis

    11 kun oldin

    Two useless sons of a wealthy merchant used to go to the tavern to dance to this song and meet ladies.

  37. Marcos Vázquez

    Marcos Vázquez

    11 kun oldin

    Oh my dear God! This is the music we used to listen to when, back in the day, we were fighting in the Crusades. Good memories.

  38. lifepoke


    12 kun oldin

    Nonny nonny noOooOOOOooo~~~~

  39. Edd Hemmings

    Edd Hemmings

    12 kun oldin


  40. Parker Ault

    Parker Ault

    12 kun oldin

    This is so going in my D&D playlist.

  41. Peekaboo, It's Eroo!

    Peekaboo, It's Eroo!

    12 kun oldin

    Okay, but is this on Spotify?

  42. Ryle Laurente

    Ryle Laurente

    12 kun oldin

    i thought it was the twice one lol but this is also great

  43. Thrashpondo Pons

    Thrashpondo Pons

    13 kun oldin

    Mien Blood just ran cold! Was just thinking 'she'll have to do 'Hey Nonny Nonny' for 'Whoa-oh Woa-oh' bit!' when the chorus kicked in!

  44. Scott Mantooth

    Scott Mantooth

    13 kun oldin

    *also the ballad contained with in the performance of to niht sy hwæt hit thy æt isrbodung gerd forme -Brycgian Sylfum Ignis Flamma* *tonight is what it means to be young from the movie Streets of Fire*

  45. Scott Mantooth

    Scott Mantooth

    13 kun oldin

    *Wouldst thou i pray ponder the recitation of Paradise Villa by means of Gregorian Chant?*

  46. Scott Mantooth

    Scott Mantooth

    13 kun oldin

    *the peasants...nay assemble so...they maketh merry and have cast aside their pitchforks and torches in favor of these delius tones of such curious nature thereof*

  47. Pink-Perfection


    13 kun oldin

    Picturing Queen Elizabeth and her court doing the head-bob along with the music!

  48. Liz Weishaar

    Liz Weishaar

    13 kun oldin

    “Nonny nonny no....” Ich lepe ‘mong the noisom croud, holdynge aloft myne lichtede rede....

    • Kerrigan McCarthy

      Kerrigan McCarthy

      7 kun oldin

      Show offs! 😜

    • Laȝamon Æft iboren

      Laȝamon Æft iboren

      8 kun oldin

      Ich am mid þé among þat ilke þronge!

  49. soccerchamp0511


    13 kun oldin

    1156 AD: a troubadour drops this track at Eleanor of Aquitaine's court. . . . Begins the first Dancing Mania Epidemic

  50. CyberPunk Girl

    CyberPunk Girl

    14 kun oldin

    𝟓𝟔𝟗 𝐕𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐨𝐭𝐡 𝐈𝐧𝐯𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 ..

  51. Bjørn Johan Humblen

    Bjørn Johan Humblen

    14 kun oldin

    Time traveller from the future bought a keyboard and started a band with a lot of hit potensial

  52. sparkpenguin


    14 kun oldin

    this was incredible, i only wish the lads on the palfrey and with the bindle were animated bobbing their heads

  53. Alexis de Roode

    Alexis de Roode

    15 kun oldin

    Too close to the original instrumentally, to my taste...

  54. Tony Sims

    Tony Sims

    15 kun oldin

    Wonderful, Wonderful, wonderful!!!! 🤗😍❤❤❤❤

  55. Mønkey


    17 kun oldin

    Truly timeless tune!

  56. EUSSR olygarchic Kommissar

    EUSSR olygarchic Kommissar

    17 kun oldin

    hahaha genious

  57. thokim84


    17 kun oldin

    Who noticed the art where they are going to Roxbury Tavern?

  58. Phoebe Durley

    Phoebe Durley

    18 kun oldin

    Noooo you ruined your beautiful style with the music that was not medieval. Only the fancy bit in the background ruined it. I reckon you’d be great if you could get drums for that. Love your stuff. Thank you.

  59. Jahnaa Hepburn

    Jahnaa Hepburn

    18 kun oldin

    Take me

  60. Megan94824


    19 kun oldin

    fuckin amazing

  61. Definately Krell

    Definately Krell

    19 kun oldin

    I really wonder what people from 700 years ago would think of this music, whether they'd like it or if the style has changed so much since then that they'd hate it.

  62. Fliegeraas


    20 kun oldin

    Nice singing, awesome! What's the medieval font in the video?

  63. Dominic Murphy

    Dominic Murphy

    21 kun oldin

    The best Bardcore cover bard none

  64. AnonymousXIII


    21 kun oldin

    My D&D bards thank you from the bottom of their repertoire!

  65. Connor Verse

    Connor Verse

    21 kun oldin

    I didn't like music until I found these. I love them so much! I wish there were more

  66. thevioletskull


    23 kun oldin

    Your voice is so pretty!

  67. Travis


    23 kun oldin

    *starts bobbing my head

  68. Hinari Yua

    Hinari Yua

    24 kun oldin

    Even her voice fits the style, I AM LOVING IT

  69. Tysard


    25 kun oldin

    Hold up, that's your voice? Instant subscribe. Thank you for doing these, I appreciate you.

  70. coddrew


    25 kun oldin

    This brings back the memories from 1349

  71. Silverwolf


    25 kun oldin

    Henry: Anne, what should we dance to? Anne of Cleves: Hold my beer

  72. Axxe


    27 kun oldin

    This is sooooo cool. Both this version and the instrumental version.

  73. Florian B

    Florian B

    27 kun oldin

    Hmmm... Its good quality, but its not like the version of the middle ages would have been, I guess. Its to much pop for me. :/

  74. Medieval Style

    Medieval Style

    28 kun oldin

    We call the music in it divine. Please visit my channel and support our products.

  75. SABEEE9999


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  76. Lily Magoon

    Lily Magoon

    28 kun oldin

    When he won't return your messenger pigeon :(

  77. Brandon M Roe

    Brandon M Roe

    28 kun oldin

    Mine ears hath not beheld this banger since mine salad days, in such times as I with mine homies wouldst make merry at The Dancing Cockerel club.

  78. Onida Aitsubasa

    Onida Aitsubasa

    29 kun oldin

    It really is amazing how similar the medieval instruments sounded to the original, which you would think that it wouldn't cause the original is electronic sounding, but it transfers styles so well.

  79. Raven Blades 39

    Raven Blades 39

    Oy oldin

    okay but no joke I would dance to this at the club

  80. L Chapman

    L Chapman

    Oy oldin

    Oh this just tickled my SNL funny bone! 😆

  81. TheFinalBlades


    Oy oldin

    Im probably the only early teenager here, but this is epic. Super good, thank you for making fantastic content!

  82. benjamin dreyer

    benjamin dreyer

    Oy oldin

    0:32 Is Awesome

  83. Ivison Passos

    Ivison Passos

    Oy oldin

    Ic fréo thæt leóth her in 1365 Anno Domini.

  84. Laura García

    Laura García

    Oy oldin

    i though it was Twice XD

  85. Charlotte Rossman

    Charlotte Rossman

    Oy oldin

    Aristho my love

  86. shadow i

    shadow i

    Oy oldin

    I thought it's the TWICE song cover...

  87. VictorLepanto


    Oy oldin

    You should give some thought to using a hurdy-gurdy on these adaptations.

  88. Nym Alous

    Nym Alous

    Oy oldin

    What a great vocal range! This was very well done! I'll be sharing this with a few people...

  89. Mathias Oelbracht

    Mathias Oelbracht

    Oy oldin

    pls go to spotify !!! so i can hear this masterpiece without some comercials

  90. Fine Yen

    Fine Yen

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    I thought this was gonna be Twice

  91. lavilia


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    ... I thought it was twice but... I'm satisfied 😭

  92. Fodoeoco


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    We call the music in it divine. Please visit my channel and support our products.

  93. Dovahkiin ChickenNugget

    Dovahkiin ChickenNugget

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    I heard Fireflies by Owl City today and kept thinking about how cool it would sound in bardcore. So happy I found this channel.

  94. The Disorganized Mom

    The Disorganized Mom

    Oy oldin

    "Roxbury Tavern" just gave me the best laugh that I so needed. Totally sub'd this channel!

  95. Meyra Fyan

    Meyra Fyan

    Oy oldin

    Ah I still remember when they played this all the time in the Roxbury Tavern. Good ol times ♥️



    Oy oldin

    You should do The Cult Of Dionysus

  97. Mrs Peliazul

    Mrs Peliazul

    Oy oldin

    What does mean "nonny nonny"? uwu

  98. erik stein

    erik stein

    Oy oldin

    If I die of COVID I want this as my funeral song. assuming there can actually be a funeral

  99. officialnucky


    Oy oldin

    The medieval synth sounds very original

  100. You Tube

    You Tube

    Oy oldin

    I feel as if this would've been a hit at this time too, lol. If all the instruments are legit I can totally c everyone being taken a back by the rhythm.