Jolene (Bardcore | Medieval Style)

Jolene, By Dolly Parton (Bardcore/Medieval Style)
Good morrow! I have descended from my cloister once more with another offering for the ravenous rabble.
Silliness aside, I want to thank you all again for helping to make such a wholesome part of the internet. I live for your hilarious comments and witty imaginings, and only wish I had more time to devote to this. I'm back to work, so I can't aspire to weekly videos, but I do endeavour to continue making these.
The art is a composite/partial paint over of three different sources, including: MS Bodley 264, and Lausanne, Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire U 964 - Biblia Porta fol. 178r, and one other that I've had no luck tracking down.
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I beg of thee, pray take not my lord
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I fear, from thee, ‘twould take naught but a word
Thy beauty is beyond compare
With flaming locks of auburn hair
With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green
Thy smile is like a breath of Spring
Thy voice is soft like Summer rain
And I cannot compete with thee
He talketh of thee in his sleep
And alas, I cannot keep
From weeping when I hear thy name
Although it is so plain to see
How little he doth mean to thee
My love for him is boundless as the sea
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I beg of thee, oh please take not my lord
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I fear, from you, ‘twould take naught but a word
Thou couldst have thy choice of men
But I could never love again
He is the only one for me
I would risk both life and limb
To spend my only days with him
My happiness is at thy whim,
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I beg of thee, pray take not my lord
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I fear, from thee, ‘twould take naught but a word


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      Omg the Queen herself has listened to this.... I’m dead now

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      OH MY GOSH ITS YOU!! Your channel is amazing

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      this vocalist is so fucking talented i’m shook

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      I am a fan of your channel! What a crossover! 🤣

  2. Marzan


    5 soat oldin

    What an interesting twist on the song. Loved it. Just wished I could have seen the person that has such a wonderful voice performing it. Thanks for posting.

  3. Iron Heart

    Iron Heart

    9 soat oldin

    Just accuse her of witchcraft. If she has red hair she'll be gone in the next night

  4. 0Lottee0


    13 soat oldin

    Jolene; stealing ur man since the 1500's

  5. Julie Derdaine

    Julie Derdaine

    19 soat oldin

    As a french girl the way she sings the name jolene is so so perfectly French!!

  6. Finlay Mackenzie

    Finlay Mackenzie

    19 soat oldin

    Why do I wanna don a gown and prance about in a castle to this Bop, in a serious poker-face manner.

  7. Teagan P

    Teagan P

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    I love it, you're amazing. Do you take requests yet? I want to hear "Shape of You."

  8. Mark Fisher

    Mark Fisher

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    i pray of thee, takest thou not my lord

  9. Rivkah Song

    Rivkah Song

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    Can I just say I love how much the cover art for this just screams "In front of my salad?!" 🤣 Also someone needs to show this to Dolly 'cause she will laugh herself sick. This is 12 kinds of awesome!

  10. Scheerbaum Diana

    Scheerbaum Diana

    23 soat oldin

    Fair ladies of each court beware -- Jolene hath trimmed dresses with which to reveal her pale ankles. Leash your lords and pray they stay true.

  11. Suzanne Wagner

    Suzanne Wagner

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    Country music is rooted in the music of the British Isles so this fits so well it gives me chills.

  12. J Hayes

    J Hayes

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    Who is that playing the sackbutt

  13. DJ AW Remixes

    DJ AW Remixes

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    I'm so happy Bardcore is a thang! This and Astromonia are my favourite!

  14. TheStealthytoast


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    Going to show these covers to my kids and tell them this is the original just to mess with them, love it!

  15. Most Def

    Most Def

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    Amazing! Keep em coming.

  16. Isaac Grainger

    Isaac Grainger

    3 kun oldin

    In the chorus, "pray take [thou] not my lord" sounds more natural.

  17. D M R

    D M R

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    Me: I am bored. UZtop is boring. UZtop Algorithm: 80s covers of favorite music--> Medieval covers of those same songs Me: well, I guess I'm not bored anymore.

  18. Linda C

    Linda C

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    Pray thee maiden, do not besmirch thy pride before your faithless knave, and his artful strumpet. There art many more gudgeon, swimming in the sea.

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    Anyone from any time period can appreciate how much of a banger this is!

  21. Brian Moore

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    Harlot Jolene

  22. Phoebe


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    WOW!!! that's beautiful!!!

  23. David Ben-Abraham

    David Ben-Abraham

    4 kun oldin

    Without question, this is the BEST VERSION of this song to date. Well-done!

  24. R Hobbs

    R Hobbs

    5 kun oldin

    ... ok well i thought this was the Irish song “jolene.. I wanna fight your father!” .. awks

  25. Lord JS

    Lord JS

    5 kun oldin

    Very good version.

  26. pf32900


    5 kun oldin

    It's not mediaeval (most people wouldn't uderstand Middle English or Old English), but still a lovely idea to put it into Early Modern English.

  27. Connie Kreese

    Connie Kreese

    6 kun oldin

    Has dolly heard this?

  28. us here

    us here

    6 kun oldin

    it's all fun 'n' games til dolly parton sues you for copyright infringement. (i used to admire her, but i don't like her any more.) >:(

  29. damongirl66


    7 kun oldin

    The sound of this version of Jolene makes her look like a witch.

  30. Brad Miller

    Brad Miller

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    Devil went down to Georgia!!

  31. Celine El-zakhem

    Celine El-zakhem

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    This music goes well with Physics class.

  32. banana


    7 kun oldin

    I would love to hear a medieval A thousand Years by Christina Perri

  33. Jose KuroKen

    Jose KuroKen

    7 kun oldin

    This was one of my wife's favorite songs. Thank you, Hildegard for your take on it. As with so many things I wish that she were still with us to share. She graduated in romance languages and medieval studies and was an avid musician and aficionado. This would have made her day.

    • Linden Lonstrup

      Linden Lonstrup

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  34. Eddie Dickerson

    Eddie Dickerson

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    That Jolene, her heart is free of stone.

  35. Careless Whisker

    Careless Whisker

    8 kun oldin

    don't have to put on that red light

  36. Adrian Hayes

    Adrian Hayes

    8 kun oldin

    After hearing this, It seems to me like Dolly Pardon secretly coveted Jolene herself. Imagine how this would have turned out if she had written this song in an era more compassionate to LGBTQIA.

  37. Z Pervaiz

    Z Pervaiz

    8 kun oldin

    Jolene is in Father Pucci dungeons awaiting punishment for transgressions against heavenly doctrine by Lord Dio .Her advances will be hometown with numerous gentlemen duels

  38. Z Pervaiz

    Z Pervaiz

    8 kun oldin

    Lady jolene I begeth thy abstain from unsavoury Advances on mine Lord

  39. Anja Poleti

    Anja Poleti

    8 kun oldin

    Jaskier would love these, especially this one, if you know what I mean

  40. Patrick Nesbit

    Patrick Nesbit

    9 kun oldin

    This lady doth truly have the voice of an angel. Such beautiful notes and chords.

  41. Metalsome Mother

    Metalsome Mother

    9 kun oldin

    It would be great to know what Dolly Parton thinks of your treatment of her song. I think that it is lovely. Thank you

  42. Férand Joy

    Férand Joy

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    Omg just discovered the bardcore...... And i love it!!!!!

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    Hildegard has an amazingly beautiful voice.

  45. A T-rex with internet

    A T-rex with internet

    9 kun oldin

    That foul wench known only as “Jolene” must pay for her heresy.

  46. Medieval Bardcore Version

    Medieval Bardcore Version

    9 kun oldin

    This is really gonna confuse some historians in a couple thousand years.

  47. ideally CHIC

    ideally CHIC

    10 kun oldin

    This was written by the most famous female musician in history, Lady Dolores of Parton

  48. CeruCarmine


    10 kun oldin

    Can we get a version of this that's using the lyrics from that one "eldritch horror jolene" post?

  49. Adam Brooks

    Adam Brooks

    10 kun oldin

    Love to see this rendition in The Witcher

  50. Nathan Okun

    Nathan Okun

    10 kun oldin

    This is PERFECT! If actually sung in a Medieval Court or tavern it would be a hit instantly.

  51. kevin crocker

    kevin crocker

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    ! ! ! 8-)

  52. chaynaw


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    Jolene, the other other Boleyn sister.

  53. lester obrien

    lester obrien

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    I'd love to know what Dolly thinks of this

  54. Anne K

    Anne K

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    Absolutely vundebar!! Fie upon those that don't appreciate medieval filk!

  55. Paule Aboite

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    I always love when the bass drops!

  56. The Goblin

    The Goblin

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    This is good

  57. KokomaruTV


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    Who is Jolene ?

  58. CopperJenny


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    Beautiful! Any chance you folks could take on The Righteous Brothers?

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    Discovering this channel is one of the best things that happened in my 2020. This is purely beautiful!

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    i think i’ve found my jam

  61. Medieval Bardcore Version

    Medieval Bardcore Version

    11 kun oldin

    these are my new ringtones now thank you very much

  62. lordshardik


    11 kun oldin

    This is one of my favorites, because it already was kind of like an old folk song, so it didn't have to change much to go into medieval style, it just sounds right.

  63. Eve Ion

    Eve Ion

    12 kun oldin

    This is the stuff those medieval peasants danced to after drinking their fair share of mead and skipping through the local village drunk and naked. Ah, the good old days. 📯📯📿🙏🙏

  64. Floyd Becker

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    Why is this a bop

  65. Kendrra Thoms

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    my new D&D playlist

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    Just amazing

  67. Rania Ben A.

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  68. Rita Tatam

    Rita Tatam

    13 kun oldin

    Full of tenderness for this song I discovered in my youth, and... laughing out loud cause of the sophistication of this version, many thanks.

    • Rita Tatam

      Rita Tatam

      12 kun oldin

      @Brad Miller Thanks ! :)

    • Brad Miller

      Brad Miller

      13 kun oldin

      That's an excellent way to put it! :) 👍

  69. LadyPhantomOfMusic


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    Is there a way to buy this on itunes, same with your other songs.

  70. Poopy Peepod

    Poopy Peepod

    13 kun oldin

    Would you consider doing a The Cult medieval style song? Maybe "True Believers" or "Mama I'm coming home" by Ozzy Osbourne! Do you have a patreon? Your versions are fantastic

  71. Roland Micheler

    Roland Micheler

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    can PLEASE someone put these in a music mod for CKIII?

  72. Robert Denyreaud

    Robert Denyreaud

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    I really love the name Hildegard

  73. kickinthegob


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    Jolene art a cloven hoofed trollop.

  74. Cissa


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    This is amazing, I love this so much

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    honestly this kinda slaps

  76. Christina Vasilevski

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    This is like if Loreena McKennitt covered Dolly Parton. I never knew I needed this in my life.

  77. Imagine that

    Imagine that

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    Sounds like she likes Jolene more than her husband 👀

  78. Poulomi Hari

    Poulomi Hari

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    So scottish... and Chinese...? How is Scottish and Chinese so beautifully in sync?

  79. Bert Verhelst

    Bert Verhelst

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    There is a Dutch version of this song:

  80. auli guring

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    Hips Don't Lie

  81. What happened was

    What happened was

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    Don't know why I clicked this, but glad I did.

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    oh hell yeah! my fave track off mask and mirror!! XD

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    Thine eyes must not gaze upon the beauty of fair maiden Jolene.

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    This is really pretty tho

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    What a beautiful beautiful cover!

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    i don’t even remember the original lyrics anymore because i listen to this cover so often

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    Ah... Playing Mount and Blade with this awesome artist music in the background. 'Tis a good day, indeed...

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      @Vlassis Behrakis Thanks

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      @Elumio Merk Yes, early access.

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      speaking of M&B, is Bannerlord out?

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    Ahh why is this not available on Apple Music?! 😭

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    this is EVERYTHING

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    Great play on the name.

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    despite it's funny, her voice is absolutely beautiful....

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    Nice, played in Thailand!

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    okay but can i have this image as a desktop bg???

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    Damn Jolene you been at it for a long ass time.Them legs don't ever fucking stay closed😂😂😂😂😂 I ain't mad at thee go ahead and get thy coin

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    Oh my fair maiden, tremor like a leaf no more, for i am he- *falls down the stairs in full plate armour.*

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    To the nunnery with thee, for I love the auburn haired beauty, Jolene

  98. Chezamayu Kitsukanii

    Chezamayu Kitsukanii

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    Cheating is the worst kind of disrespect you can do to your partner. There is no excuse for it. A second chance is not an option. If Jolene wants to eat garbage, she can take out the trash.

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    brilliant! my lady Hildegard (bows deeply)

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    I didn't know that I needed this in my life, but I do. I really do.