Hildegard von Blingin'

Hildegard von Blingin'

Bardcore for the discerning clergyman, noble, or muck-gathering peasant.

I am a Canadian singer/illustrator who started making Bardcore in the Spring of 2020. If you're new to Bardcore, it is a pastiche genre that takes modern songs and makes them "old-timey" through the use of Medieval and Renaissance inspired instrumentation, as well as Shakespearean-ish lyrics.
Unless otherwise credited, the majority of the instrumentals were created by me. They feature a mix of virtual and real instruments, including the Celtic harp, Irish whistle, and recorder. Several videos feature my brother, known here as Friar Funk.

Looking to use any of this channel's music in a non-profit video, play, podcast, video game mod, etc? Please go ahead so long as you provide proper credit to any of the artists included on the track. Feel free to send me an email to let me know where it's been used! Lastly, I do not take commissions, but appreciate the interest.



  1. Marine


    Soat oldin

    when is it on spotify 🤔

  2. Tawksick


    4 soat oldin

    If thou can makest a request thou requestist thou sailor song by toybox to makest into a medieval sea shanty.

  3. Lovro Catela

    Lovro Catela

    10 soat oldin

    This singer is amazing

  4. Al G

    Al G

    17 soat oldin

    Would that I were special...

    • Al G

      Al G

      17 soat oldin

      (Special enough for thee, O maid with silver tongue and golden voice)

  5. Alli Being Alli

    Alli Being Alli

    19 soat oldin

    Do "new person, same old mistakes" by Tame Impala

  6. D A

    D A

    20 soat oldin

    When he offers another girl 12 goats for her hand in marriage after he promised you first

  7. D A

    D A

    20 soat oldin

    "Out run my bullet" *Person in the 1200's: "whats a bullet?"*

  8. Richard big

    Richard big

    20 soat oldin

    Who’s listening to this 1296 ad

  9. D A

    D A

    20 soat oldin

    Me: jolene I beg thee, take not my lord Jolene: its free real estate

  10. Matthew Popow

    Matthew Popow

    21 soat oldin

    Yara yara dawa

  11. Akiza Izinski

    Akiza Izinski

    23 soat oldin

    ngl this slaps

  12. Ryan FitzAlan

    Ryan FitzAlan

    23 soat oldin

    wow this is really well done, its kinda badass

  13. Dovahkiin ChickenNugget

    Dovahkiin ChickenNugget

    Kun oldin

    I would kill for this on iTunes.

  14. Rachel Coleman

    Rachel Coleman

    Kun oldin

    Could you do Party Up by DMX?

  15. Celio Dettmer Filho

    Celio Dettmer Filho

    Kun oldin

    This is good!

  16. Rory Pike

    Rory Pike

    Kun oldin

    Holy crap this was angelic.

  17. DeadNinjutsu


    Kun oldin

    Bravo, beautiful work.

  18. bangfangbang


    Kun oldin

    can you pleeeeaaase put this on spotify?

  19. Visitant


    Kun oldin

    I can't help but think it should be thee and I.

  20. Bigus Dickus

    Bigus Dickus

    Kun oldin

    Me, hearing all those th's: "what kind of sorcery is dis?..."

  21. Anonymous Mobster

    Anonymous Mobster

    Kun oldin

    *When the teacher asks demon possessed lad to do the daily scripture reading and he sayeth, "Now let's start subtracting!"*

  22. Chris Vandergriff

    Chris Vandergriff

    Kun oldin

    My wife just came in the room and said "Her voice is like cucumber water, it's just so refreshing."

  23. spacepanda


    Kun oldin

    Podrick singing this was probably my only favorite moment of season 8

  24. kier lendon bagsic

    kier lendon bagsic

    Kun oldin

    lovethly fine tunes of such meusic good bard! I'me thy instante enjoyer f'rm nowe'on!

  25. TheSassi42


    Kun oldin

    Did they really talk like that?

  26. Skyelar Murray

    Skyelar Murray

    Kun oldin

    Ah so i see we’re now in the medieval renaissance part of quarantine lmao

  27. Nicholas Brassard

    Nicholas Brassard

    Kun oldin

    why is this way better than the original?! XD

  28. Julian McQueen

    Julian McQueen

    Kun oldin

    If you're looking for TV covers to do, I would love to hear you do a cover of "Be My Light" from Camelot

  29. MiMariposa777


    Kun oldin

    Simply gorgeous.

  30. Dj Wolffe

    Dj Wolffe

    Kun oldin

    Move over Enya and Beyonce.

  31. smetan korzevic

    smetan korzevic

    Kun oldin

    Спасибо! Thank you!

  32. smetan korzevic

    smetan korzevic

    Kun oldin

    Мы тут охуеваем! Переслушиваем! Это - восхитительно! Комментарий на русском языке.

  33. Lockette


    Kun oldin

    Is the "city of the dead" girl?

  34. Morg8685


    2 kun oldin

    damn my heart is in pain

  35. Helen Wright

    Helen Wright

    2 kun oldin

    Summer imagery is the perfect contrast to the poignant sadness of the lyrics and minor key. A broken heart aches all the more against a backdrop of sunny happiness.

  36. Helen Wright

    Helen Wright

    2 kun oldin

    Hildegarde has taken Taylor Swift quest into folklore a step further, through a time portal back into the Middle Ages. The authentic instruments add to the fairy-like quality.

  37. Giovanni Rolla

    Giovanni Rolla

    2 kun oldin

    Amazing... Could you do Lana's Wild at Heart?

  38. ׄ


    2 kun oldin


  39. Johnny Zero

    Johnny Zero

    2 kun oldin

    That singing voice is so beautiful that it reminds me of Priscilla from The Witcher 3

  40. Alexander Nevsky

    Alexander Nevsky

    2 kun oldin

    Heavens! Ye Olde Boppe!

  41. samleman Molina

    samleman Molina

    2 kun oldin

    I want to go back for my doctorate in comparative literature...medievalism revival on youtube in 2020 in context of corona virus, economy shutting down, BLM and Trump. Clearly the BLM and MAGA protests among the plague are our version of serf revolts during the plague and destabalized european medieval economies.....

  42. Owen Watkins

    Owen Watkins

    2 kun oldin

    ‘‘Twas the year of our lord 2021 when thy discovered this clap of a song

  43. Redmond Henry

    Redmond Henry

    2 kun oldin

    I dont know know if you read these, I would like to see Passenger, Let Her Go and or Veronicas, Untouched

  44. ZagorTeNayebo


    2 kun oldin

    I really thought this would be jenny from the block

  45. Grey Knight

    Grey Knight

    2 kun oldin

    Imagine you live in the middle ages. Do your best to please God and 900 years later you have one of your works performed by someone who admires the life you lived. Incredible. Ps:the three wings, is it God(heights), on earth(Jesus) and everywhere(holy spirit)?

  46. Hugo Fuentes

    Hugo Fuentes

    2 kun oldin

    The only good thing from GoT final season

  47. GR4Y GH057

    GR4Y GH057

    2 kun oldin

    I Beseech a Request: "Thee Power of Loveth" as sungeth by the bard Ser Franke Who Goeth Yonder to the Woods of Holly



    2 kun oldin

    I Beseech a Request: "Thee Power of Loveth" as sungeth by the bard Ser Franke Who Goeth Yonder to the Woods of Holly

  49. aerialpunk


    2 kun oldin

    Besides the nice music, I love how the little changes in place names makes me think of how mediaeval people would've perceived their world. It's neat.

  50. Ava Rose

    Ava Rose

    2 kun oldin

    From a lifelong musician and parody fan, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

  51. Silver Siren

    Silver Siren

    2 kun oldin

    The song "The last Unicorn" by America might suit bardcore quite well.

  52. Melissa Alvardo

    Melissa Alvardo

    2 kun oldin

    Now this I can handle more then the original song fucking good job keep the work thank you for the joyful music

  53. Ben Goacher

    Ben Goacher

    3 kun oldin

    This, and Bill Baileys metal cover of scarborough fair are the medieval crossovers we never realised we needed

  54. silenthillfreak


    3 kun oldin

    Safe and sound the civil wars ft taylor swift would be nice lol

  55. John Paulo Piolo

    John Paulo Piolo

    3 kun oldin

    POV: You got ghosted during bubonic plague

  56. Sofia Jearally

    Sofia Jearally

    3 kun oldin


  57. Loma Sola

    Loma Sola

    3 kun oldin

    Very brilliant dong selection

  58. RadiusHelayn


    3 kun oldin

    what doth love be?

  59. Sabruh


    3 kun oldin

    I lament for poor Gotye, master minstrel. For sooth, he was a singular hit wond’r

  60. Trinidad Yamamoto Kalm

    Trinidad Yamamoto Kalm

    3 kun oldin


  61. Izaya at the Beach

    Izaya at the Beach

    3 kun oldin

    I deadass thought this was supposed to be Jenny from the Block

  62. Chris R

    Chris R

    3 kun oldin

    The recorder really ties it all together

  63. Arntzo Fattaritano

    Arntzo Fattaritano

    3 kun oldin

    All: what is love... Russians: VLADISLAV.

  64. Meli


    3 kun oldin

    I thought this had some comic purpose but omg this voice is so amazing ! The fact that the lyrics are changed to match the medieval theme makes it even better!

  65. Jantique Fielding

    Jantique Fielding

    3 kun oldin

    I love this version so much! 💗

  66. LadyFoxi


    3 kun oldin

    Nothing On Lady gaga but that was the most beautiful thing I have heard

  67. Lyla Mzayek

    Lyla Mzayek

    3 kun oldin

    This is literally so much better than the original lyrically and sonically

  68. itgetter9


    3 kun oldin

    This tune? More like Hildegard von Bangin'!!

  69. holly grace

    holly grace

    3 kun oldin

    This is my first time hearing this song. The lyrics are sorrowfully beautiful, I really it. The composition and vocals are gorgeous, I'm just listening on loop at this point.

  70. Stryder467


    3 kun oldin

    Lady Hildegard, I should find myself dearly wishing to visit the legendary country of Blingin', to learn of the legend behind thine tongue, and where it all begun for thee.

  71. ice


    3 kun oldin

    omg... will be called a devil lover if heard being sung in medieval times

  72. ice


    3 kun oldin

    I dig this🥰

  73. Free Man

    Free Man

    3 kun oldin

    Bravo Bravo.

  74. Ak'hasshativeritsol


    4 kun oldin

    Kinda reminds me of Once Upon a December from Anastasia

  75. Big D

    Big D

    4 kun oldin

    Rains of Castamere next please... :)

  76. Helen Wright

    Helen Wright

    4 kun oldin

    Hildegard not only shifts the time but the singers' roles as well. I like how the man reframes the situation around his honor, which reflects the medieval mind beautifully.

  77. Kacper Sawczak

    Kacper Sawczak

    4 kun oldin

    Bardcoring an already medieval-styled song? wait, that's illegal. still great tho

  78. Grace Digena

    Grace Digena

    4 kun oldin

    I don't know if folk music is cheating but I would Love to hear your rendition of Silver Dagger

  79. Loirainne


    4 kun oldin

    This is majestic <3

  80. welshpete12


    4 kun oldin

    What a beautiful voice !